[Comfort Zone] Facial Treatments

Comfort Zone facials treat your skin holistically
as well as cosmetically, fulfilling your specific requirements whilst relaxing and
restoring mind and body.

Aromatic Beauty Touch
- 45 Minutes

An aromatherapy facial. Complexion glows and skin is toned thanks to the combined action of the essential oils and extracts of aromatic flowers such a rose, lavender, iris and lily.


Skin Resonance  - 50 Minutes
Calming, rebalancing and protective for reactive skin that is prone to redness, couperose and fragile capillaries.

Absolute Pearl - 50 Minutes
Immediate freshness, vitality and luminosity due to antioxidant, smoothing and whitening actions of the products. Stimulates collagen and reduces pigmentation. Leaves skin beautifully radiant.

Active Pureness Rebalancing - 60 Minutes
Deep cleansing treatment to render the skin fresh and supple.


Hydramemory - 50 Minutes
Exceptional hydration and nourishment over 24 hours for dry and dehydrated skins.


Action Sublime - 50 Minutes
An extraordinary anti-aging treatment that visibly reduces wrinkles and provides an intense sense of relaxation.

Collagen Renewal Treatment - 60 Minutes
An intensive treatment to resurface, revitalise and deeply hydrate the skin. Leaves the skin with perfect texture, plumped lines and supple, moisturised skin with a long lasting glow.


Express Aroma Facial  - 30 Minutes
Cleanse, tone, facial massage or mask and a moisturise.

Express Aroma Facial £28.00
Aromatic Beauty Touch £40.00
Skin Resonance £42.00
Absolute Pearl £52.00
Active Pureness Rebalancing £46.00
Action Sublime £43.00
Collagen Renewal Treatment £50.00