Phd Safewax

Professional, Hygienic, Disposable

Phd Safewax is the only waxing system in the world to eliminate the chance of infection and cross contamination with their patented and unique disposal application system, giving you the best results every time.

Phd Safewax is favoured by beauty professionals around the world for temporary hair removal. Through their completely unique, patented, disposable application system, Phd waxing offers exemplary levels of hygiene. The applicator heads have a specific integrated safety mechanism to prevent the backflow of wax into the tube, and are single use, so with Phd Safewax you never need to worry about cross-contamination or infection from your waxing treatments ever again.  

I use Phd Safewax for all temporary hair removal treatments. As a quick and effective treatment which also possesses the highest levels of hygiene, it is the perfect brand for temporary hair removal, whether on your face, arms, or elsewhere on your body.

Half Leg £16.00
Top Half Leg £18.00
Three Quarter Leg £22.00
Full Leg £26.00
Half Leg and Bikini Tidy £25.00
Full Leg and Bikini Tidy £34.00
Bikini Low £10.00
Bikini High £12.00
Under Arm £8.00
Forearm £12.00
Lip or Chin £6.00