8. Jan, 2020

Lash lifting… things are looking up!

Lash lifting has had something of a revival recently.  Lash perming first appeared some 20 years ago, but has gained popularity in recent years as the gentler alternative to lash extensions.  A Lash Lift instantly gives lashes lift, separation, and extra definition without the use of extensions or any harmful chemicals.

A lash lift essentially takes the natural hairs and gives them a dramatic curl worthy of a mascara ad.  In comparison to lash extension, the treatment time is shorter (approx. 40 minutes), and they're pretty low-maintenance, and you can still use mascara for even more definition, unlike extensions.

What does the treatment involve?

Firstly, a moisturising pad is used to hold down the lower lid lashes to prevent them from being curled up.  Then silicone rods that mould to the shape of your lash line are adhered to the eyelid. A bonding gel then grips the natural lashes onto the pads in an upwards and outwards direction, so that the lashes are pointing straight up to the brows.  This is where the technology has advanced since the lash “perm”, of 20 years ago.  Gone are the cylindrical rods, which sometimes accidentally over curled the lashes back onto themselves.  A perming solution is then applied to the lashes, followed by a neutraliser, and finally by a lash conditioner to nourish the natural lashes. Et voila, beautifully, glamourous lashes.

For an even more dramatic effect, I’d recommend supplementing the lift with a lash tint, which can be given immediately after perming.  Results last up to 6 weeks.

Always bear in mind, that it is strongly advisable to have a patch test, at least 24 hours prior to a lash lift or tint, no responsible therapist should give this treatment without one.

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