15. Jan, 2013

Have some 'ME' time.

It suddenly struck me last week (as I was looking in the mirror merrily plucking my eyebrows) that I was looking decidedly haggard.  My ‘winter’ skin was sallow and I looked drawn and miserable, oh dear, when had I let that happen?  It would seem that we become so accustomed at seeing our own reflection that we don’t pay that much attention to it. Indeed, I had the sudden startling realisation that I had been wilfully neglecting myself over the last few months. Immediate action was required.  So, putting the ironing aside for an hour on Friday morning, I decided to have some ‘ME’ time.  A nice home facial with my feet up on the sofa was the only course of action. Digging deep in the back of the cupboard I retrieved an assortment of lotions and potions, of course, being a beauty therapist myself I do have quite a collection. 

I have to say, that even though my facial was self administered I felt all the better for it.  My face was glowing as was my spirit and I have henceforth vowed to continue with a ‘ME’ time session as frequently as possible.  I’m not sure that it was even the facial itself that was of the most benefit or simply the fact that I lay on the sofa for an hour (in the middle of day no less), doing nothing, with a relaxing CD playing and a nice rose fondant scented candle burning, and most importantly, not feeling guilty about it, that was really what did me the most good.

Yes, I do spend a lot of time at home but very little of that time is about me.  I might get 20 minutes in the bath with a magazine and cup of tea occasionally but I far too rarely properly pamper myself.  I think that goes for most women these days.  We work, we make our houses a home, we are loving wives and attentive mother’s, we are all things to everyone else and not much to ourselves. No more, from here on in it’s up to me to make a stand, I shall indulge myself on a weekly basis, with pampering and joyful doing nothingness.  Next on the agenda is a pedicure, with a girlie weekend rapidly approaching it’s time to get the tootsies in order. 

Self indulgence, now that’s not really anything to feel guilty about is it.  We regularly indulge in housework, cooking, working, parenting etc so how about a little self too.  From now on it’s me, me, and me.  Well, maybe only me for an hour a week, but a little of what you like does do you good!