15. Feb, 2013


It’s that word we all hate… DETOX.  But detoxing needn’t be a painful experience.  Certainly, most salon treatments are actually completely the opposite, how about a nice mud wrap or exfoliating body treatment?  Sound’s good to me.

I’ve had several unsuccessful attempts at detoxing.  I’ve tried those ghastly detox drinks, yuck.  Consuming something that closely resembles pond water, in appearance and taste, I found very hard to swallow, as were the benefits it claimed to bestow.  Oh I tried, at least for a day, but ended up pouring it down the sink, it did the job, the sink had never drained so fast, no more limescale!  I was left wondering exactly what I had attempted to do to my insides.  My delicious, green, sludge shake had done wonders for the kitchen plumbing but what of my pipes?  A lucky escape I figured, and at least I had only gone for the three days course and not the 30 day, only £20 wasted.  Now they are trying to seduce me with delicious flavoured concoctions such as strawberry and apple, I’m not fooled, they still look like pond water and the sinks fine at the moment thanks.

The reality is you just need to go back to basics. 

Where to start then? 

How about something as simple and painless as cutting down on tea and coffee.  Substitute your morning coffee break cuppa with a nice glass of water.  Our bodies need water to function efficiently and most of us drink far below the daily recommended intake of 6-8 medium glasses.  Water really is the best way to flush out all those nasty toxins.  Get into the habit of having a glass of water with every meal.  Carry a bottle of water in your bag or keep one on your desk at work, and have a drink regularly, don’t wait until you feel thirsty as by this time you are already dehydrated.

Cutting out processed foods and increasing your fruit and vegetable intake will give your digestive system a natural cleanse.  High fibre foods such as cereals, nuts and vegetables are particularly good for clearing stagnant food from our digestive track. Their rough and fibrous texture literally sweeps along the inside of the intestines removing harmful and unwanted matter that may have been accumulating for years.  Drinking more water will help this process too. 

Go for a walk. Fresh air is free! Try to find somewhere away from City life for a daily 20 minute walk. Open your chest and breathe deeply. Take a stroll in your lunch break, it’s a great stress reliever.

So, it really isn’t that complicated is it? 

Of course, there are many more extreme ways to detox.  Colonic Irrigation has become popular in recent years, but can be an uncomfortable and even painful experience and in most cases is just not necessary.  I don’t much like the idea of it myself, even less appealing than those nasty drinks.

If you fancy a professional Salon Detox than Elysium Beauty can offer you the Monticelli Mud.  Soft and creamy mud with detoxifying, draining and reducing action due to the synergy of active mud enriched with a high concentration of remodelling ingredients such as thermal water and pure essential oils. 

Detoxifying your body is a lifestyle choice, and if you can fit it into your lifestyle you will feel better, your body will function better and you will look great!  Give it a go